Police: Woman demands child give $20 to get dog back, hurls it over fence

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – A Lake County woman was arrested on a charge of animal cruelty after police said she was holding a girl’s dog hostage and threw it over a 6-foot fence when officers arrived.

The dog’s owner told officers Sunday that her dog had been missing for three days when she found it at Victoria Ann Fernandez’s Wildwood Avenue home, the Mascotte Police Department said.

Channel 9 spoke with Fernandez Monday. She told reporter Myrt Price she never meant to hurt the dog.

Fernandez claimed she dropped the dog after it bit her.

“The officer just snatched me, told me he was going to Tase me, handcuffed me, put me in the back of the car and here I am,” Fernandez said.

But neighbors said they saw her abuse the dog.

“She threw the dog like it was garbage,” said a neighbor.

Lucy the dog had escaped from a fenced-in yard. Lucy’s owner, a 9-year-old girl, searched for a long time.

The girl asked Fernandez, 57, to return the dog, but Fernandez refused to let it go until the girl gave her $20, investigators said.

“She was sad. She was broken-hearted,” the neighbor said. “Twenty dollars to get the dog back, and the little girl was crying because she didn’t have the money.”

A good Samaritan found out that Fernandez had the dog and went to her home with the girl to help get the dog back.

The good Samaritan called police. 

Fernandez told officers that a friend of hers found the dog and gave it to her.

“(Fernandez) wanted $20 to give to her ‘friend’ for bathing the dog and feeding it,” a Mascotte police report said.

The woman admitted that she knew that the dog belonged to the girl, “but still refused to give it back,” the report said.

Fernandez claimed the money was for an old lady who lived nearby who had taken care of the dog.

“I don’t know her name,” said Fernandez.

But police said Fernandez became “agitated and aggressive,” picked up the dog and threw it angrily over her fence.

The responding officer, who witnessed the incident, went into Fernandez’s yard, Taser drawn, and arrested her, the report said.

Fernandez claims she never threw the dog.

 “Instead of going in the house and getting my gate key, I picked up the dog, and I was going to put it over the fence and that’s when the dog bit me,” Fernandez said.

The dog was limping after the fall, but did not appear to be seriously injured, the officer said.

Fernandez has been arrested more than 30 times on various charges, according to reports. 

Judges Urge License Suspension for Lindsey

Texas veterinarian who killed a cat in a widely publicized case may escape a board-approved ban.

Dr. Kristen Lindsey testifies at the State Office of Administrative Hearings in Austin, Texas.

A two-judge panel has recommended that Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey, DVM, lose her license for a year and then serve four years of probation for using a bow and arrow to kill a cat she mistakenly thought was feral.

The proposal, issued Monday, fell short of the license revocation that the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners approved a year ago. The board is not bound by the administrative law judges’ decision but will consider it when members meet as early as Oct. 18 to issue a final disciplinary order.

Dr. Lindsey’s attorney, Brian Bishop, said he will appeal if she is blocked from practicing veterinary medicine.

“We respectfully disagree with a number of the [judges’] findings,” he said.

The case has drawn international attention since April 2015, when Lindsey killed the cat, posted a Facebook photo showing the animal hanging from the arrow and added the comment, “My first bow kill … lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s [sic] head! Vet of the year award … gladly accepted.”

Administrative Law Judges Catherine Egan and Pratibba Shenoy, who presided over a two-day hearing earlier this year, concluded that the cat was not feral, as Lindsey contended, and instead was a neighbor’s outdoor pet, named Tiger.

Besides a five-year license suspension—the last four years probated—the judges recommended that Lindsey take continuing education classes on animal cruelty and veterinary law and that she serve 100 volunteer hours at a cat rescue organization or spay/neuter clinic.

Lindsey has not worked as a veterinarian since her employer, Washington Animal Clinic in Brenham, Texas, fired her within days of her viral social media post.

Lindsey was renting a house from hospital co-owner Bruce Buenger, DVM, when she killed the cat. She testified that she asked Dr. Buenger about an orange-and-white cat that had been roaming her property for a couple of weeks, fighting with her cat several times and defecating near horse-feed buckets.

Buenger, who lived nearby, did not know the cat and told Lindsey, “Take care of it,” she testified.

Image result for Suspension for Lindsey vet

Lindsey was practicing archery the evening of April 15, 2015, when she spotted the cat about 20 yards feet away, according to the judges’ 60-page report. “Within 20 seconds,” the judges wrote, “[Lindsey] fired an arrow at the cat, striking him through the head.

“Because she had made such a good shot, [Lindsey] asked her mother to take a cell phone photograph of her holding the shaft of the arrow with the cat hanging down.”

Lindsey later deleted the photo from the phone, but after she had posted the image on Facebook.

The dead cat was placed in a dump pit, she testified, and she discovered the next day that the remains had been partially eaten by animals.

The testimony of Tigers’ owners, a pet sitter and Houston veterinarian William Folger, DVM, MS, Dipl. ABVP, helped the judges conclude that the cat was Tiger.

The judges chose a license suspension over revocation partly because of Tiger’s owners, Lindsey neighbors Bill and Clare Johnson.

“Despite the gravity of the incident,” Egan and Shenoy wrote, “the Johnsons expressed the opinion that [Lindsey] had made a mistake and had suffered greatly for it by losing her job and enduring the flood of vitriolic public opinion.”

Bill Johnson testified that he “felt some empathy” for Lindsey and that “everybody makes mistakes.” Clare Johnson stated that Lindsey committed a “very immature and stupid act” that could become a “growing experience” for her.

Other mitigating factors, the judges explained, included the fact that Tiger died instantaneously and without suffering, that Lindsey had no prior disciplinary history and that “she is unlikely to engage in similar reckless behavior in the future.”

Lindsey acknowledged that she is currently “unemployable” because of the effect her notoriety would have on another veterinary hospital, the judges pointed out.

The feline advocacy group Alley Cat Allies, which was represented at the hearing by staff attorney Misty Christo, disagreed with the judges’ recommended discipline.

“Alley Cat Allies has stated from the beginning of this case that Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary license should be revoked and she should never again care for cats or other animals,” Christo said. “Animal owners who may not know about her history have a right to be protected from mistakenly entrusting their own animals into her care

The judges’ recommended punishment is far from adequate for the torture that Kristen Lindsey inflicted on Tiger as she killed him,” Christo added. “She blatantly violated the Veterinarian’s Oath for the ‘prevention and relief of animal suffering’ and should lose her license forever.”

A spokeswoman for the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners declined to comment. A statement on the agency website noted that both sides can file responses with the judges, who reserve the right to alter their recommendation before it is officially presented to the board.

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Would you take your pet to get treatment from this woman if she gets her license back?

Government Killed His Dog He killed Himself

Killed His Dog

Government Killed His Dog. Tragic news out of Denmark, where a man has killed himself after his dog was taken from him and euthanized. The dog was taken and killed in adherence with their Breed Specific Legislation on Pit Bulls. The dog had done nothing wrong, but was living in a place where it was considered the wrong breed.The dog named Zanto, belonged to 27-year-old Dan. Dan was given eight days to prove his dog was not one of the country’s banned breeds. When he was unable to do so, Zanto was removed by authorities from his home to be destroyed. Too upset to continue with his life and feeling like he had failed his dog, Dan overdosed on pain medication and passed away.

Killed His Dog


Denmark put out Amendments to the Danish Act on Dogs, which includes a ban of thirteen dog breeds which are:- Pit Bull Terrier

– Tosa Inu
– American Staffordshire Terrier
– Fila Brasileiro
– Dogo Argentino
– American Bulldog
– Boerboel
– Kangal
– Central Asian Shepherd Dog
– Caucasian Shepherd Dog
– South Russian Shepherd Dog
– Tornjak
– SarplaninacSome of these breeds have been illegal since 1991, but the amendments make room for more illegal breeds as well as strict punishment for?dogs that have a bite history.It is a tragic and seemingly unnecessary end for both Dan and Zanto, which begs the question: are Breed Specific Laws helpful or should we start letting the owners take responsibility and quit stereotyping the breeds?

Sara Loche, 37 hasn’t missed a meal her whole life let’s her dog starve


  • Sara Loche, 37, from Grimsby, subjected dog Queenie to great suffering
  • She weighed less than half of what she should have at only 7.5 kilos
  • Taken into hospital with protruding ribs, shoulder bones, spine and hip

A cruel owner starved her dog until she weighed less than half what she should have and needed to be put down.

Sara Loche, 37, from Grimsby, subjected German Shepherd cross Queenie to one of the worst cases of suffering seen by an RSPCA inspector in ten years.

She weighed only 7.5 kilos and Inspector Stuart Wainwright said: ‘I have seen dogs in better conditions that were dead.’

A cruel owner starved her dog (pictured) until she weighed less than half what she should have and needed to be put down


A cruel owner starved her dog (pictured) until she weighed less than half what she should have and needed to be put down

Sara Loche, 37, from Grimsby, subjected German Shepherd cross Queenie to one of the worst cases of suffering seen by an RSPCA inspector in ten years

Sara Loche, 37, from Grimsby, subjected German Shepherd cross Queenie to one of the worst cases of suffering seen by an RSPCA inspector in ten years

Loche was convicted in her absence at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court for cruelty and a warrant issued for her to appear before the court to face a ban on keeping pets.

Prosecuting, Rachel Taylor said Sara Loche had caused unnecessary suffering to Queenie by neglect and failing to investigate the dog’s weight loss.

Ms Taylor said: ‘She knew it would have the effect of suffering.’

Sara Loche’s husband, Richard, 46, had previously appeared at court for a similar offence and was given a ten year ban on keeping pets.

He also received a 12-month community order.

Inspector Wainwright described raising the alarm and bringing the tan and black cross-breed female to the vets in a collapsed state.

He told the court: ‘She was terribly emaciated – the worst I have ever seen.’

Richard and Sara Loche claimed they had fed the dog two or three meals each day and they explained the dog’s weight had fluctuated.

However, chief vet at The Blue Cross Animal Hospital, Susan Knox, said the dog had collapsed upon arrival and was unable to stand with a very slow heart rate.

She had protruding ribs, shoulder bones, spine and hip bones.

She weighed only 7.5 kilos and Inspector Stuart Wainwright said: 'I have seen dogs in better conditions that were dead'

She weighed only 7.5 kilos and Inspector Stuart Wainwright said: ‘I have seen dogs in better conditions that were dead’

Queenie’s muscles were wasting and there was severe loss of fat around the dog’s organs.

Ms Knox said: ‘It showed signs that the dog’s needs had not been met and it was a thoroughly poorly-looking dog.’

She confirmed there had been no underlying illness and that the dog was put down with the owner’s consent.

Concluding the case, Deputy District Judge, Nick Hayles said the case against Sara Loche, who did not turn up at court, was proved.

He said unnecessary suffering had been caused by neglect and failure to investigate Queenie’s weight loss and the owner knew the effect of that was suffering.

Judge Hayles said: ‘It would have been several weeks and days to get to that state.

‘The cause of the animal’s suffering was failure to care.’

He said he accepted the evidence of the RSPCA inspector entirely and that Sara Loche was responsible for the care of Queenie.

When she arrived in hospital, the dog had protruding ribs, shoulder bones, spine and hip bones

When she arrived in hospital, the dog had protruding ribs, shoulder bones, spine and hip bones

He said: ‘She had not noticed the dog was becoming below par.’

After the hearing, Inspector Wainwright said the RSPCA was pleased Sara Loche had been found guilty.

He said: ‘We are very pleased that she has been found guilty and Mr Loche was convicted.

‘We will have to wait for the sentence. It was in the worse condition I have ever seen a dog alive. I have only seen them like that when dead.

‘I have seen dogs in better condition that were dead. It was shocking.’

Sara Loche, 37, from Grimsby, subjected German Shepherd cross Queenie to one of the worst cases of suffering seen by an RSPCA inspector in ten years



Snapchat video shows people force-feeding alcohol to a pig

HARLAN CO., Ky. (WYMT) – Police in Southeastern Kentucky have opened two animal abuse cases within the last two days.

While the cases are unrelated, the incidents happened less than 24 hours apart.

The most recent case is linked to a Snapchat video.

The video surfaced on Facebook, Thursday night around 9:30.

“It shows an individual holding open the pig’s mouth, and someone else with a bottle of liquor, pouring it down the pig’s throat. Then the individual holding the pig’s mouth open, forcing the pig’s mouth closed, so it would swallow it,” explained Harlan County Animal Shelter Director, Duncan Caldwell.

“The pig is squealing. It’s squealing and the people in the background are laughing about it. I don’t see anything funny about it. I think it’s terrible,” said Tom Parker who lives in Harlan County.

A woman from Harlan County saw the video on the app, “Snapchat”, then copied it and posted it on Facebook.

The video spread like wildfire to thousands across the region.

“In my opinion, it’s a type of torture,” said Caldwell.

“I couldn’t figure out why someone would do an animal like that. What did the pig do?” questioned local Harlan County man, Kelvin Greer.

This all comes just one day after we told you about a different case in Harlan County, where a woman saw a garbage bag moving in the road, picked it up, and found a 3-month-old Labrador puppy inside, still alive.

“It’s nonsense. Whoever did that is a dirt bag. If you have an animal that you don’t want, bring it to us,” said Caldwell.

If you have any information about either animal abuse case, you should call your local animal shelter or law enforcement immediately.

Police are now telling us, while some of the suspects may be from Harlan County; the incident with the Snapchat video involving the pig actually happened in Letcher County.

Lick of death: How one woman’s pet almost killed her

Many of us enjoy friendly licks from our furry companions, but one woman’s affectionate pet nearly killed her.

Photo/Getty Images

A friendly lick from her Italian greyhound almost had fatal consequences for a British woman. Somehow a bug, found in the mouths of healthy cats and dogs, ended up in her bloodstream. Known as Capnocytophaga canimorsus, it can cause conditions ranging from the bacterial skin infection cellulitis to life-threatening blood poisoning.

One study reported that about 16% of dogs carry C canimorsus as part of the normal bacteria in their mouths. “It loves growing in carbon-rich environments such as saliva,” says Dr James Wilson, who compiled a report, “Lick of Death”, after treating the patient at London’s University College Hospital.

He was intrigued because this is such a rare condition, particularly in the absence of a bite or deep scratch. “There was no evidence of damage to the skin and the patient denied being bitten,” he says.

Even when a bite is present, the condition can be tricky to diagnose because the wound may be clean. This patient was only hospitalised after developing slurred speech and becoming unresponsive while on the phone to a relative. She was found to have severe sepsis, suffering organ failure as a result.

“She was very sick,” says Wilson. “She spent time in the ICU as she needed support for breathing and was on strong antibiotics for a month.”

Although the condition is fatal in about a third of cases, the patient made a full recovery and was able to return home to the much-loved pet she had no intention of giving up.

The idea that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s is a myth. It has its own legion of germs and one 2015 study found that oral-to-oral transfers of bacteria from dogs to people can cause gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Nevertheless, surveys show that more than half of us sleep with our furry friends and allow them to lick us. Wilson stresses the message of his report isn’t that you should never do that. However, extra care should be taken around anyone with a suppressed immune system, including infants, the elderly, alcoholics, people having treatments that make them vulnerable to infection and those who have had their spleen removed. Basic hand washing after handling pets is important.

Thankfully, most diseases passed on by a lick or a bite – such as rabies and brucellosis – are no longer a risk in developed countries. More common are less-serious infections such as cat scratch disease, which occurs particularly in children and is caused by a scratch or bite from an animal infected with the bacteria Bartonella henselae. It can also be spread by cat saliva contact with broken skin or exposure to cat fleas, and may result in fever, headache and lymph-node swelling. “Rarely is it serious,” says Wilson. “A short course of anti­biotics and it’s better.”

The risks of pet ownership are easily outweighed by the benefits. For a start there is the boost to our emotional health – simply patting an animal has been shown to reduce blood pressure and increase levels of brain chemicals, such as dopamine and oxytocin, believed to enhance feelings of well-being. Then there is the advantage to our immune systems. There are plenty of studies showing that young children who grow up in a home with a cat or dog are less likely than those who live pet-free to get sick. They also have a lower risk of developing allergies and asthma.

In a new study from Yale University, researchers emphasised the vital role cats and dogs play in microbial exposure. Aside from carrying their own families of microbes, they bring common bacteria and fungi from the outdoors into the home, so create a wider array of good bugs to help “train” our immune systems.

As for Wilson, his experience with the patient who almost died as a result of a lick hasn’t put him off the idea of pet ownership. “Not at all,” he says. “I’d love to have a dog if I didn’t live in London and work such long hours.”

Exposing Women and Zoosadism


Zoosadism is a term coined by Ernest Borneman referring to pleasure (sometimes sexual pleasure) derived from cruelty to animals. Zoosadism is part of the Macdonald triad, a set of three behaviors that are a precursor to sociopathic behavior – so next time you see a kid being cruel to an animal, remember that he is a potential future serial killer! In general, the link between sadistic sexual acts with animals and sadistic practices with humans or lust murders has been heavily researched. Some murderers tortured animals in their childhood, with some of them also practicing bestiality. One study found that 36% of sexual murderers described themselves as having abused animals during childhood, with 46% of them reporting that they had abused animals during adolescence, and that eight of their sample of thirty-six sexual murderers showed an interest in zoosexual acts.

Image result for B.C. woman who tortured pets

Kayla Bourque

VANCOUVER — B.C.’s highest court has refused to alter a long list of strict probation conditions imposed on a 23-year-old Prince George woman convicted of killing animals.

Sentenced in November 2012 to two months incarceration atop seven months pre-trial custody and three years of supervision, Kayla Bourque had appealed the 46 court-ordered terms of her release.

She said they were “irrelevant, unnecessary, vague, unreasonable, and do not fulfil a valid purpose under the Criminal Code.”

Bourque added that the terms prevented her from reintegrating with society, kept her completely away from anyone not connected with the justice system, and blocked her from working, going to school or even volunteering.

But a three-justice Court of Appeal panel unanimously ruled Wednesday that all but two of the terms were unambiguous and necessary.

“It is clear from the medical reports and the pre-sentence report that Ms. Bourque needs highly intensive supervision and treatment,” wrote Justice Elizabeth Bennett with the support of Chief Justice Robert Bauman and Justice Ed Chiasson.

“Ms. Bourque is young and clearly dangerous.”

Justice Bennett clarified the terms that prohibit Bourque from wearing a disguise, balaclava or mask and the condition that allows probation officers or police to enter her residence to ensure she does not have any animals or birds.

The justice ministry took the unusual step in January of issuing a public warning when the woman described as a psychopath was released from jail with plans to live in Vancouver.

She has been convicted of killing two animals, causing unnecessary pain and suffering or injury to animals, and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

Among other constraints, she has a curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., isn’t allowed to access social networking sites, is forbidden from possessing weapons, including knives or other bladed instruments (except to prepare food), and must stay away from people under age 18.

Simon Fraser University last year reported her to police after another student told a teaching assistant that Bourque mentioned some of her crimes and expressed violent fantasies.

The petite, 130-pound woman was studying criminology and psychology.

“She said she was studying forensics so she could learn how to ‘get away with things in the future’,” Justice Bennett noted in defending the sweeping constraints.

She said she had been on chat rooms involving serial killers … She told a student that she liked to take the bus downtown at 3 a.m., looking for a homeless person to kill, and that she always carried her ‘tools’ with her (including her knife), in case the opportunity arose … She is an ‘affectionless psychopath,’ meaning she is unable to show affection or concern for others.”

At 8 months old, Bourque was adopted from an orphanage in Romania. She lived in Prince George before moving to Burnaby to attend university. The court said she was a good student but began expressing violent fantasies that drew the concern of school counsellors and psychologists.

Bourque was described as “meeting the criteria of sexual sadism, hematolagnia (drinking blood), zoosadism (inflicting pain and suffering on animals), and anti-social personality disorder.”

She is currently living in a residential setting that has 24-hour supervision, and is permitted to leave with an adult supervisor.

“Ms. Bourque has a history of killing and torturing animals,” Justice Bennett concluded.

She takes pleasure from this conduct, and has no insight into the harm and suffering she causes these creatures. Her condition is lifelong, and is not situational … Ms. Bourque has lost the privilege of having the companionship of animals by betraying their trust in her.


Brittany Sonnier

A woman shamed by publicity after admitting a penchant for beastiality in 2012 now faces charges of having sex with a 15-year-old boy in Florida.

Brittany Sonnier, 23, is charged with lewd and lascivious battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Police in Holly Hill, Fla., near Daytona Beach, began investigating March 30 when the boy’s father called to make a report. The teen later told investigators he and Sonnier had drunk beer, smoked marijuana and had sex six times on March 28 and 29, according to police reports.

Sonnier admitted smoking pot with the boy and having sex one time, police reports say, but she said her memory was cloudy because she was drunk. Sonnier told police she moved to Florida and assumed another name following publicity in Arizona after saying she’d had sex with dogs.

She tries to hideher problems through heavy drinking, police said.

Police in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., said in 2012 that Sonnier, then 20, admitted she’d been having sex with two family dogs for seven years. Initially charged with bestiality, her case was eventually dismissed as she accepted direction to get mental health counseling.

Her estranged boyfriend brought the matter to police when he and Sonnier were going through a breakup. The man went to police about the dog sex, indicating concern for the welfare of Sonnier’s then-11-month-old son.

Dr Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey

Dr Lindsey is an award-winning exec and earned a doctorate from Emory University

The senior government scientist facing child molestation and bestiality charges has returned to her high-powered job at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.  Dr Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, 44, is accused of engaging in ‘immoral and indecent’ sex acts with a a six-year-old boy. She and her live-in boyfriend, 42-year-old Thomas Westerman, were arrested in October and are both free on bail. Mr Westerman is charged with two counts of child molesting.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Dr Lindsey has returned to work at the government’s top research lab for communicable diseases and medical and health issues. The CDC will not comment on her case, though officials said they are aware of the charges.

The acts are alleged to have taken place between January 2010 to August 2011, according to authorities. An investigation was started into the child molestation charges after a medical professional alerted police.

CDC spokesman Tom Skinner said Lindsey is a deputy director within the Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory Services at the agency, while Westerman is a resource management specialist in the same office. A spokesman for the agency told CNN it was aware of the case, but said it could not comment on personnel issues.

Angelique Mendell.

Angelique Mendell was arrested on Feb. 6 and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. She’s been charged for Publication and Distribution of Child Pornography, Lew Acts with a Minor Under 16, Beastiality and Violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.

DEL CITY, Oklahoma –

A Del City woman is behind bars, accused of a multitude of horrific sex crimes involving her own children and pets, making videos of the crimes and distributing the content on several lewd websites and messaging apps.

The investigation into the case began after the FBI contacted Oklahoma City police about the manufacture and distribution of child pornography originating in the metro area.

An undercover investigator working out of the Washington DC metro police force had already established an online relationship with someone in Oklahoma, which led police to 35-year-old Angelique Mendell.

The undercover officer began communicating with Mendell on the messaging app “Kik” in late January.

In explicit messages with the officer, Mendell admitted to sexually abusing her two sons, ages 10 and three, and recording some of the encounters. She also told the officer that she engaged in sexual activity with her Chihuahua and was “training” her Rottweiler.

According to the report, in one conversation with the undercover officer Mendell said she was not worried about her 10-year-old son telling anyone about the abuse because he was a special needs child and was unable to speak.

During the investigation it was also learned that Mendell had previously abused her teenage daughter as well.

Mendell was taken into custody on Feb. 6 and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. She’s been charged for Publication and Distribution of Child Pornography, Lew Acts with a Minor Under 16, Beastiality and Violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act. Her bond was set at $250,000.

Sarah Dae Walker

A woman who managed to avoid prison after being convicted of soliciting a dog for sex on Craigslist, spent time in jail over the weekend after she was arrested due to a clerical error.

Sarah Dae Walker, 33, was arrested on Friday by police in Phoenix who claimed that there was a warrant out for her over unpaid fines from a previous run-in with the law.

‘I said, “I’m current on all my fines, this can’t be right,”’ she said. The police officer didn’t believe her, and she was taken into custody.

Walker spent 10 hours behind bars before being told that the whole thing was a mistake and there was no actual warrant for her arrest.

Speaking about her previous run-in with the law, Walker told KASW-TV that she and her husband were trying to get back to normal after their conviction for conspiracy to commit beastiality, an incident which she says ‘really ruined our lives.’

Sarah Dae Walker and her husband Shane of San Tan Valley, Arizona appeared in court in August to face charges of conspiracy to commit beastiality after soliciting an undercover deputy for the use of his golden shepherd in June.

The couple, who had an admitted open marriage, were arrested alongside the wife’s lover Robert Aucker, 26, after the trio made plans to meet with the dog and its owner at a Mesa Quality Inn.

Sarah Walker was sentenced to 24 months of supervised probation with her husband ordered 18 months under the same beastiality charge.

Both are also prohibited from owning or caring for any animals.

According to the arrest report Aucker said he had been involved with Dae for a month and she had expressed her desire to have sex with a dog.

Last year Sheriff Arpaio wrote to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster after the arrest of two people for using the website to solicit dogs for sex.

Arpaio asked for closer monitoring of the site, but said after the latest arrest: ‘I remain extremely disappointed in the leadership at Craigslist.com for refusing to do what they can to stop this.

‘While they aren’t doing anything to stop it, I will continue to enforce all animal cruelty laws.’
Hannah Marie Haynes

South Carolina Woman Charged Having Sex with Dog After Selfie Videos Discovered

A South Carolina woman was arrested and charged with abusing an animal after a video she made of herself having sex with her pet dog were discovered by police.

Police arrested Hannah Marie Haynes, 23, of Chesnee, South Carolina, and charged her with buggery with her dog.

Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller reported that a concerned citizen received the video and then alerted police in North Charleston. The department then contacted the Cherokee County Sheriffs office for assistance in the case after it was determined the abuse was filmed in the the Sheriff’s jurisdiction.

The arrest warrant states the woman “did carnally copulate against the natural order” by “performing sexual acts with a Dachshund canine.”

The suspect was booked at the Cherokee County Detention Center then released on a $5,000 bond.

This arrest comes only a day after a woman in Florida was arrested for similar abuse of a canine.

Naples, Florida, resident Miranda Johns, 21, was charged with three counts of sexually molesting her dogs after video of the woman engaging in the activities came to light in an investigation.

Samantha Golt

Related image

Woman Has Sex With Dog, Boyfriend Photographs


Samantha L. Golt, 24, and James P. Crow, 25,were each charged with one count of felony bestiality and one count of felony second-degree conspiracy.

According to Golt’s Facebook page she is the owner of three dogs, including pit bulls and pit bull mixes. She is also the mother of a 4-year-old girl.

Police say the sexual acts occurred in the woman’s home and that her boyfriend was also arrested for taking photos.

The investigation began last month when troopers received a “canine abuse tipfrom a concerned neighbour on Dec. 28, Delaware State Police Master Corporal Gary E. Fournier told The Huffington Post via email. 

Authorities believe the offence occurred in Golt’sWilford, Del. home sometime between August 31, 2012 and December 29, 2012.

Police confirmed Golt’s identity when Crow’s photographs were removed from the home as evidence and compared to her driver’s license photo.

On Wednesday, state police issued the couple an order to have no contact with any animalDelaware State News reported. Authorities contacted the Kent County SPCA when the investigation began.

Golt and Crow were released after posting $12,000 bail apiece. According to NBC10 Philadelphia, Golt refused to comment when contacted Friday morning.

Golt allegedly hung up on a reporter when contacted at her home early Friday morning. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for today in the Kent County Court of Common Pleas inDover.

Diane Sue Whalen

Image result for women beastiality cases


Oklahoma City may have the largest bestiality case in history — and without question the most disgusting. Diane Sue Whalen 54, and Donald Roy Seigfried, 55, are accused of training their dogs to have sex with Whalen and other women. Whalen was apparently busted by her own son who found 150 tapes of her performing sex acts with the dogs — including a mixed breed and labrador Lucky and Buddy and a blue heeler named Merlin owned by Seigfried. Seigfried allegedly filmed the events.

Whalen and Seigfried are charged with crimes against nature.

Remarkably, Seigfried is trying to get his dog back. The dogs have been accepted in a no-kill pet sanctuary. Click here.

The use of this type of law in an animal-human crime remains rare. It is punishable by 10 years in prison:

§21-886 Crime Against Nature-Penalty

Every person who is guilty of the detestable and abominable crime against nature, committed with mankind or with a beast, is punishable by imprisonment in the penitentiary not exceeding ten (10) years.

§21-887 Crime against nature, what penetration necessary.

Any sexual penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the crime against nature.

What is interesting is that the Oklahoma law’s history indicates that it was primarily designed to criminalize homosexuality rather than bestiality. Click here. In the wake of Lawrence v. Texas, it appears to be reverting back to a true bestiality focus.

Jenna Louise Driscoll

Jenna Louise Driscoll seen outside the Brisbane Watchhouse in Brisbane, Queensland, after being charged when police officers found videos on her mobile phone allegedly showing her having sex with a dog.

A woman arrested for selling drugs has been charged with bestiality after officers found videos of her having sex with a dog on her cellphone.

Jenna Louise Driscoll has been charged with three counts of bestiality, reports the Brisbane Courier-Mail.

Police in Queensland, Australia, searched the 25-year-old’s cell phone after she was stopped for allegedly selling cannabis.

Shocked officers found three separate videos.

Media reports in Australia said she had been seen entering a house with a man and a dog, thought to be a pit bull, earlier this week.

The dog has not been removed by safety officials, however.

A spokesman for RSPCA Queensland, said: “This isn’t something you’d normally expect, it’s quite unusual. Under the Animal Care Protection Act, bestiality isn’t included. To take action and remove the dog we would have to prove actions there were cruel or that it [THE DOG] was tormented.”

Driscoll also faces charges of possession of a dangerous drug, two counts of possession of an item used in the commission of a crime and three counts of supplying.

She will appear in court again in December.

Kathryn Thompson

Kathryn Thompson, pictured in 2011 at Twin Lakes Secondary School in Orillia, faces charges in a sex-abuse case. She was granted bail Monday. (Packet & Times file photo)

She looks happy in the photograph.

Beaming even, as she stands proud with the arm of her boyfriend wrapped around her — the man who is charged with a slew of sex-related offences against children and animals.

Kathryn Thompson, 19, of Orillia is dressed in a bright green shirt, green eye shadow highlights her bright eyes and her hair is topped with a green bow while her beau, Shayne Lund, 22, grins beside her in his green shamrock party shirt.

It’s the profile picture Lund uses on his Facebook page, although friends say they weren’t steady. Lund apparently divided his affections between Thompson and the third accused, Avery Taylor, 20, also of Orillia.

Both women remain in custody. They are each charged with 16 sex-related offences that involve separate allegations of child pornography and bestiality.

While police have not talked about the charges, court dockets show Lund, who is from Penetanguishene, is facing 110 charges including counselling and conspiring to kidnap a child, making and selling child pornography, invitation to sexual touching, voyeurism, sexual assault and bestiality. Many of those charges are in connection with his co-accused.

Thompson, who went to Twin Lakes Secondary School with Lund and Taylor through their teens, was an active advocate for lesbian rights at the school.

“She was a nice girl,” says a friend who went to school with her and asked not to be identified. “I never would have thought she could be involved in anything like this.”

The friend said she knew all three accused, but was never friends with Lund.

“I was good friends with both girls, but I never felt comfortable with Shayne,” she said.

So far five children between the ages of two and 10 have been identified as alleged victims of sexual assault and child pornography.

The mother of one alleged child victim told the Toronto Sun outside court this week that Taylor often babysat her five-year-old daughter and says she was horrified to learn from police that her child was sexually abused. In one instance, the child was allegedly used in a taste test game where flavored condoms were involved.

But not all of the alleged victims are children.

One woman says she was devastated to learn that her dog and horse were allegedly abused sexually.

“I know they are not human beings,” says the woman as she wrapped her arms around her dog. “But to me, they are part of my family.”

The Toronto Sun was given the woman’s name by a source and, while she would prefer to have her full name published in connection with this story, her identity as a possible victim is protected under a publication ban.

A month ago, OPP officers knocked on her door, asking her questions about her pets, she said. The officers then told her people had been charged with abusing them.

“I felt so betrayed,” said the woman.

She said her big, lovable dog seems as “happy and goofy” as ever, but her horse has been timid and shy.

“He’s not right,” she said. “It seems like he is afraid … I just need to know what happened.”

But police haven’t given her the details, she said.

“The police won’t tell me what was done to them, only that it was something,” she said, frustrated. “They tell me I’m not allowed to sit in bail court to hear the details. And I don’t understand why. They are my pets, I need to know.”

She is not alone with her questions. The mother and father and family members of the five-year-old girl said they were also told they are not allowed to sit in on the bail hearings.

If any of the trio are found guilty the Crown has indicated it will seek to have them declared dangerous offenders and therefore sentencing them indefinitely.

So far, only Taylor has had a bail hearing and she was denied bail. Evidence heard at her bail hearing is covered by a publication ban.

Lund and Thompson remain in custody waiting for their bail hearings.

In Lund’s case an out-of-town justice of the peace must be brought in for a special bail court to ensure impartiality, court heard. He also has yet to be assigned a legal aid lawyer as his lawyer removed himself from the case Friday for medical reasons

Amber Fox

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A filthy Fort Bragg soldier and his wife remained locked up Tuesday after having sex with dogs and sharing clips of the encounters online, cops said.

Ruben and Amber Fox, both 23, were caught Monday in Raeford, N.C., south of the Army base.

Their capture followed an investigation that culminated two weeks ago, when Fairfax County authorities in Virginia alerted Raeford about the criminal activity, police Maj. Marc Godwin told the Daily News.

The couple has been charged with bestiality, disseminating obscene materials and conspiracy.

Amber Fox was additionally charged with soliciting a crime against nature, police said.

Two mixed-breed dogs and three cats were rescued from the couple’s Raeford home and brought to an animal shelter.

The couple was booked into Hoke County Jail and bail was set at $15,000 each.

Fox is a specialist assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, which is home to the Army’s Special Forces, also known as the Green Berets. A soldier found guilty of a civilan crime may be reprimanded by a commander, a spokesman said.

On her Facebook page, Amber Fox left a cryptic posting Sunday for her friends and mentioned her husband, who goes by the name Chance.

“Please everyone keep Chance and I in youuur prayers,” the posting read. “I cannot and will not say what’s up so please don’t ask. But please just pray for us. Thank you and love you all.”

7 animals that ran for public office


On Wednesday, the city of Cormorant, Minnesota, re-elected its mayor for a third consecutive term. The mayor’s name is Duke, and he’s a 9 year-old Great Pyrenees.

Oddly enough, this is not a first time an animal has run for public office and won. In fact, there are two non-humans running in this year’s presidential election.

Here’s a list of seven animals that have either ran or are still running for office:

Pigasus the Immortal

(AP Photo)

Pigasus the Immortal was a boar hog who became the presidential nominee for the Yippies (Youth International Party) in 1968. But Pigasus’ candidacy was short-lived. During a rally announcing the pig’s acceptance to become the Yippies’ nominee, he was seized by Chicago police and transported to the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society. As a result, seven Yippies were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Bosco Ramos

800px Bosco the Dog Mayor of Sunol 7 animals that ran for public office

In 1981, a Black Labrador and Rottweiler mix named Bosco Ramos defeated two humans in the unincorporated town of Sunol, California. After winning the election, reporters from around the world flocked to Sunol to meet the dog. A Chinese newspaper, The People’s Daily, ran a story about Ramos’ election, claiming into to be example as to why free elections are flawed.

Ramos would go onto serve 13 years in office until he died in 1994. Fourteen years later, the town erected a Bronze statue of their first K9 mayor in front of the local post office.

Hank the Cat

Hank the Cat ran for Senate in Virginia in 2012 against George Allen and Tim Kaine. The Main Coon cat finished in third place with 7,000 votes. During Hank’s campaign, his owner Anthony Roberts raised $60,000 from animal rescue organizations. After the election, Roberts donated the money to multiple animal charities.

Limberbutt McCubbins

Limberbutt McCubbins is a cat from Kentucky who is officially registered to run as a democratic candidate for this year’s presidential race. The idea for Limberbutt to run for president came from high school senior Isaac Weiss. The objective behind Limberbutt’s candidacy is to bring reform to the Federal Election Commission. Weiss said that the form to register the cat as a presidential candidate took just 20 minutes to fill out and it did not require a social security number.

Boston Curtis

Image result for boston curtis mule

In 1938, a brown mule named Boston Curtis from Milton, Washington ran for a Republican precinct seat. The mule won in a landslide, 51-0. The town’s Mayor Kenneth Simmons, a democrat, filed Boston Curtis’ documents and endorsed him during the election. He wanted to prove the point that people don’t actually know who they’re voting for.

Crawfish B. Crawfish

Joining Limberbutt McCubbins in the 2016 presidential election is a crawfish from Louisiana named Crawfish B. Crawfish. Like McCubbins, Crawfish is also a registered with the FEC. His campaign began on a Facebook page titled “Can This Crawfish Get More Supporters Than Bobby Jindal?” The crawfish is running for a non-listed party, as he opposes the bi-partisan system, according to his website.

Molly the Dog

Molly is a dachshund from Oklahoma who ran for president in 2008 for the BYOB party. Unfortunately for Molly, she lost in a landslide to Barack Obama.

Then there’s my Chester, His motto is ALL DACHSHUNDS MATTER!!!! Will you vote for Chester in 2016 ? Presidential election ?


Trump supporter kills Clinton supporter’s dog after Trump incites violence


A Texas Couple Says A Hillary Clinton Yard Sign Got Their Dog Killed

Three Clinton signs were stolen from Matt Steadman’s yard. Then, his SUV was ruined and his dog was poisoned. He believes the sign thief did it.

By Grant Suneson | August 25, 2016

In 2016, pretty much everyone is used to heated political debates. But one North Texas couple believes they’re under attack because of their political preference.

Matt Steadman says he was unfazed when a Hillary Clinton yard sign was stolen off his lawn, then it happened again. The third time, someone left a note under his doormat reading, “Hillary for Prison 2016.” That’s when things took a dark turn.

The next day his SUV wouldn’t start. It was sabotaged beyond repair. “I smelled the inside of my gas tank and there was bleach,” Steadman said.

On Sunday, the Steadman’s dog, Abby, started convulsing and later died. A veterinarian said she was killed by a neurotoxin.

Image result for A Texas Couple Says A Hillary Clinton Yard Sign Got Their Dog Killed ·

Steadman says he has no idea who would do this other than the person who keeps stealing his signs. There’s no proof that a Donald Trump supporter did this, but many have warned that Trump’s violent rhetoric could cause problems.

“I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell you,” Trump said.

“So if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously, just knock the hell — I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees,” Trump said.

“Although, the Second Amendment people — maybe there is. I don’t know,” Trump said.

Criminalizing Clinton and her supporters has been a major theme of Trump’s campaign, and he’s been broadcasting that message to hundreds of millions of people. Paired with his violent rhetoric, Trump’s words have the potential to lead to tragedy.

Image result for A Texas Couple Says A Hillary Clinton Yard Sign Got Their Dog Killed ·

Former RNC communications director Doug Heye wrote in The Wall Street Journal, “There is a difference between telling the truth and inciting violence — and his are not garden-variety insults but calls to arms.”

Heart-warming video shows moment dog visits terminally-ill owner in hospital ‘to fulfil dying wish

This is the heart-warming moment a terminally ill woman is granted her ‘dying wish’ as her beloved dog visits her in hospital.

The adorable brown animal leaps up onto the hospital bed to snuggle up with its owner Rebane Chili, who lays on her back as surrounding doctors watch on.

In the touching footage, Ritchie appears determined to stay as close to its owner as possible while waggling its tail in excitement.

Tearful staff and patients record the moment on their mobiles, with one man unable to resist the chance to stroke the loving and loyal dog .

Terminally ill woman gets a visit from her dog in hospital

According to news site Canal 10 , the 49-year-old patient was admitted to Hospital Ernesto Dornelles in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil with terminal cancer.

She made the request to see her pet as her final wish.

The meeting took place on October 30 last year but has gone viral this week after it was shared on social media.

Terminally ill woman gets a visit from her dog in hospital

Speaking about Ms Chili, group psychologist hospice hospital Cristine Barbara Heck told snt.com: “She was entering a process of greater recollection.

“Every time we think about the quality of life, we think of relationships.

“It is to be with those people, relatives and dear friends, as in this case.”